It is school policy that the children should wear a uniform and details are given below. The uniform has proved to be practical, reasonably priced and the children look neat and tidy. The uniform helps create a professional working atmosphere and a sense of pride and belonging. On transfer to High School the only change to the uniform is the colour of the sweatshirt and tie. Nearly all Northumberland Middle Schools have similar uniform policies.

In class:

  • White shirt
  • Navy blue v-neck sweatshirt with school emblem
  • School tie
  • Black or dark grey tailored school trousers (leggings and jeans, are not allowed)
  • Black or dark grey tailored skirt, knee length (straight of full) of a non-stretch material
  • Black plain flat shoes or plain black leather-look trainers that can be polished (no obvious branding).  Ankle boots are only allowed if they can be covered with trousers and they must be black.

PE Kit:                                                                                  

  • Royal blue t-shirt                          
  • Navy shorts                                                                                                       
  • Royal blue rugby shirt or PE Hoodie with school emblem                                       
  • Navy football socks                                                                                        
  • White sports socks
  • Trainers
  • Black or navy joggers (not leggings) may be worn in cold weather (no visible branding). 

Year 5 Swimming:

  • Swimming costume
  • Towel
  • Swimming hat
  • Goggles

School ties, sweatshirts, and PE t-shirts/rugby tops/ hoodies with the school logo are available from

It is essential that all items are clearly labelled with the child’s name, otherwise identifying misplaced items is almost impossible.

SSMS Example Shoes

Obvious make up is not allowed. Nail varnish, fake tan, fake nails and fake eyelashes are also unacceptable.

Non-regulation jumpers/tops, if worn as coats, should be removed before entering the school building and put back on when leaving at the end of the school day. In particular, black cardigans are not allowed.

Uniform Ordering

Our uniform supplier is Emblematic, and uniform & PE kit orders can be placed using the following methods:

Please note that uniform and PE kit orders cannot be placed at the school, although a small stock of ties for is available for purchase from the school finance office priced at £4.00 each.


The following guidelines apply. Please ensure that your son/daughter conforms with our expectations - if in any doubt, please telephone the school before you agree to a proposed change of hairstyle. We will accept:

  • short hair which is neat and tidy - number 2 cut or above on top

  • subdued, modified hair colouring which moderately changes the colour of hair shade

  • highlights used moderately to enhance the natural hair colour and tone

  • ethnic/cultural variations by agreement with a parent/carer

We will not accept:

  • hair cut extremely short and close to the scalp - number 1 cut or below

  • coloured or natural hair extensions

  • tight plaited hairstyles or plaited hairstyles using differently coloured plaits or adorned with coloured beads or other ornamentation

  • bleached or dyed hair that is extreme in colouring e.g red or purple

  • extreme highlights which completely change the colour and tone of the hair

  • extremes such as spiky, ‘mohican’ or punk style - either natural or coloured

  • Tramlines or defined partings where hair lengths around the parting obviously differ

Piercing, tattoos and jewellery

Please note:

  • maximum of one single, small, plain gold or silver stud earring in each ear lobe

  • no student will be allowed to attend with rings or studs in the nose, lips, tongue, eyebrows etc.

  • no visible tattoos

Students are permitted to wear a wrist watch; all other jewellery (including bracelets) is forbidden. Smart watches are not allowed. Fitbits are permitted.

All jewellery must be removed for PE. This is a requirement of Sports Associations and Local Authority regulations.

To help us maintain our high standards, in the event of a student breaching uniform, hairstyle or jewellery guidelines, parents/carers will be contacted and exclusion from lunchtime may be used until the situation is resolved.


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