The Pathways Process - moving from Key Stage 3 to Key Stage 4

Some subjects are compulsory - the Government says that all students must take them. Other subjects are “Entitlements” - the Government says that students must be able to choose a subject in that area if they so wish. Not all subjects are suitable to all students. Whether or not a pupil likes and/or enjoys a subject is important, as is their ability or potential to do well in that subject. Deciding which subjects your child can or should take can be difficult.

We can help you with this. We have a wealth of information about your child. The Student Progress Leader for Year 9 meets with a number of other teachers to consider every child in the year group. Using this information we will help guide your child towards what, in our professional judgment, would be the most appropriate combination of courses for your child to study at Key Stage 4.

Below you will find details of both the compulsory examined subjects your child must take and a range of subjects for your child to choose from. Your child will study THREE of these subjects. The Pathways Form guides you through the choice you need to make. We also ask you to nominate reserve choices in case we are unable to place students in their first choices.

The core consists of compulsory subjects that all students must follow. There is no choice.

All students follow a core of:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Physical Education
  • Religious Education

Mathematics, Science, English Language and English Literature are taught as separate lessons with formal assessment leading to GCSEs in these subjects.

Physical Education and Religious Education are also delivered in the core but as non-examined courses. Students who wish to obtain a formal qualification in Physical Education can opt to choose the GCSE course as part of their entitlement choices.

During their two-year Key Stage 4 course all students have curriculum time for:

  • Citizenship
  • Careers Education
  • Sex Education
  • Enrichment Experience

British Values and what it means to be British is explored and discussed as part of this curriculum time.

Please complete the Pathways Form with your child stating one blue option and two green options. Remember to also nominate your reserve choices.

Pathways Form 2021-2023

The documents below contain all the information regarding the pathways process and subjects available. Please contact us if you require a printed copy of the subject information documents. 

ACHS Y10 Curriculum Core Examined 2021 -2023

ACHS Y10 Curriculum Core Non Examined 2021 - 2023


ACHS Y10 Curriculum Optional Subjects 2021 - 2023

Faculty of Art and Technology

Faculty of Humanities and MFL

Faculty of PE and Health

Faculty of Science

Faculty of World of Work


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