The Seaton Valley Federation is a single governing body for three schools:

  • Astley Community High School
  • Whytrig Middle School
  • Seaton Sluice Middle School

This is to ensure that decision-making about educational provision is integrated for students aged 9 to 19 within the Seaton Valley.

The constitution of the Seaton Valley Federation governing body is:

  • two parent governors
  • two staff governors (including the Executive Headteacher)
  • one local authority governor
  • eleven co-opted governors

The full governing body meets at least once each term. Separate committees also meet at least once each term to focus on specific priorities across all three schools.

All governors serve on the full governing body and have voting rights on any committees they are members of.

Associate members attend all full governing body meetings and committee meetings by invitation. They have voting rights in committee meetings but not the full governing body.

  • Full Governing Body Chair: Susan Dungworth
  • Curriculum and Performance Committee Chair: Susan Dungworth
  • Pupil Support Committee Chair: Rebecca Bray
  • Resources Committee Chair: Steph Edusei
  • Pay Review Committee Chair: Susan Dungworth
  • Headteacher Appraisal Committee Chair: Susan Dungworth

Terms of Reference for Full Governing Body and Committees

Governor Policies