In celebration of World Poetry Day (21 March) we entered an exciting competition with schools from across the region. Students were commissioned to create an original poem based around this year’s theme of ‘Who I Want To Be’. This is a difficult question to answer at any age, I’m sure you’d agree. However our students handled the topic with maturity and great insight into themselves and their personal development.

We submitted a wide range of poetry styles; each student creating a piece of poetry as unique as they are. It has been a fantastic opportunity to engage in an activity outside the classroom, building writing skills, confidence and resilience when faced with a challenge. We are all extremely proud of the students who entered!

Astley student, Andrew, is one of thirty students from across the north-east region to be selected as a winner of the World Poetry Day national poetry competition. Andrew's poem (below) was displayed at the Schools North East’s annual Patron’s Dinner on Thursday 21 March and he will receive a certificate and prize from the National Literacy Trust. Congratulations to Andrew and well done to all students who submitted poetry.

Here is Andrew's winning poem, and you can read more of our students' poetry by downloading the pdf below.

Who I want to be

When I think about my future,                                                                                       
I think of many things,
I think to myself and wonder,
What my future brings.

My dream is to be a footballer,                                                               
And score the winning goal,                                                                         
Or I could be a pilot,                                                                                      
And land planes out in the snow.

I want to go to Barbados,                                                                            
And relax out in the sun,                                                                                
Or I want to go to Austria,                                                                           
And ski down famous runs.

I want to have a good life,                                                                         
Filled with laughter and fun,                                                                                    
The past is now behind me,                                                                                                  
But the future has just begun.

By Andrew

ACHS Poetry 2019


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